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Wow, you must have a really good camera!

This may have been the case once… fancy cameras probably took fancy photos. But now even the entry-level cameras out-perform the high-end cameras from a few years ago. There’s no getting away with having a good camera anymore.

Recently I saw a post on another blog from a photographer who used an iPhone for a fashion shoot. With some decent lighting and a touch of Photoshop, you’d have trouble believing that these photos came from a camera-phone.

Check out the shots and view his write-up at

Even TV studio’s are putting their massive cameras into storage, in favor of mid-level digital SLR’s. The final episode of House was filmed solely on a Canon 5DmkII digital camera, with the director of the show speaking very highly of shooting with this format camera.

So now that consumer-grade equipment has so many features and is capable of shooting at such high quality, it shows that it’s not just good equipment that produces good results. It’s the production values – the lighting, skilled post-production and creativity! It’s not the tool you have, it’s how you use it!

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  1. Its the same argument all over again Kimbo, just because you have a camera/photoshop/wardrobe doesn’t mean you end up with a good end product.
    We are capable of learning how to operate tools… heck we can even train monkeys to complete complicated tasks… but it takes true creativity – the kind people are born with – to produce something really beautiful!
    The man with the i-phone may have had good lighting and a talented re-toucher, but I’m betting there’s not much he cant turn to gold with that kind of natural talent.
    Its so great to see good work, now if only we could teach ‘taste’, then the true creatives might get a bit more recognition… Unfortunately i think that might be another one of things you have to be born with ;)