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Information design – the physical and virtual world of Twitter

Who would have thought that mapping the world’s tweet networks would produce such beautiful works of art? Anyway you look at it, it’s fascinating stuff – on a human, information, technology and design level.

Take a look at Eric Fischer’s latest installment in his work around infographics. These are no ordinary infographics. They are stunning for their aesthetic, ingenuity and educational properties.

By using a technique called “cartograms” (a diffusion-based method for producing density equalizing maps)…over my head!…he’s been able to produce images from millions of geotag references. These works bring to life the virtual and physical communities that exist as people use Twitter, and, move around the globe.

The result is a snapshot view to which places in the world are most closely related to each other (by those physical pathways or virtual connections). Through the density of line work the popularity of these connections can be judged. As you can see, China appears, and remains, relatively ‘in the dark’. No surprise there.

Enjoy the works here… Mapping the world’s Tweet networks or the Many languages of Twitter.


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